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Rural Roots

Artisan Farms Natural Pet Treats was established in 2008 in the heart of beautiful Bruce County, Ontario.  A county that prides itself as being a provider for local foods to the Ontario market and has self dubbed itself as  "The Beef Capital" of Ontario. The economy of Bruce County revolves around agriculture and the pride of supplying quality food is apparent in any community within it's borders. 

This pride was instilled in Chet and D'elle Calhoun, Artisan Farms Owners from a young age.  D'elle grew up on a family dairy farm near Arthur, ON.  Her family was one of the first in Canada to introduce Pro-biotics to animals in the 1980's and later formed one of the first Pro-biotic companies specializing in animal health.  

Chet Calhoun grew up on a Beef Farm near Chesley, ON. In 2003 Calhoun Beef Farms entered into a partnership to start a beef processing facility specializing in providing local beef to the Ontario market.  Chet took on the role of General Manager of this operation. It is here where Chet developed his passion for local, high quality foods, and his knowledge of food safety practices.   

D'elle and Chet combined their collective expertise and their love of animals to create a truly unique pet treat company, Artisan Farms.  The company started with humble roots in their family home's garage, and slowly expanded into the company it is today.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple, to provide natural products to your pets, with as little human intervention as possible.   This means sourcing top quality, fresh human grade meat products preparing them for your pets in the simplest way possible.  From our natural dehydration and smoking process to preserve (rather than use chemical preservatives) to our frozen raw products we are always trying to provide the products to your pets the way nature intended them. 

Our Products

Quite simply, Artisan Farms Natural Pet Treats are the freshest pet treats on the market.  We produce to orders, and do not add any chemical preservatives.  After the first taste, we will guarantee that your furry family member will not want to go back to the competition. 

Naturally Smoked Products

We use a natural smoking process using Hickory wood.  Our smoked products include:

100% Human Grade Beef Products: 1" Marrow Bone, 3" Marrow Bone, 7" Marrow Bone, Full Knuckle Bone, Half Knuckle Bone, Dino (Femur) Bone, Large and Small Beef Tendons, Full and Half Hock Bones, Toma-Hock Bone, Large Rib bone, Patella (Tartar Buster), as well as smoked Lamb Femur bones.

Natural Pet Treats

Our treats are made with 100% beef, no fillers or cheaper meats. These include Pupperrette Sticks, Pupperrette Bites Pupperrette Lil Beggers, and Tendon Bites.  These are all dried

Frozen Raw Products

Our Frozen Raw line up includes: Raw beef 3lb bags of bones (1" marrow, 3" marrow, 7" marrow, knuckle bones cut, small ribs, large ribs, patella bones, neck bones, hock bones).  Our boneless selection includes beef lung, heart and tendons.  We also provide a raw lamb femur. 

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Please feel free to contact us to find out where to find our products.  We supply some of the finest pet food stores across Ontario and we would be happy to direct you to the store nearest to

Artisan Farms

Zen Tree Industries 90, 4th St Sw Box 311 Chesley, ON N0G1L0 CA

(519) 369-4000 artisanfarms@outlook.com